Insta Wash -Textile Machinery Lubricant  

Product Description

INSTAWASH, HDROPHIL Technology as the name implies is an instant washable machine lubricant to be used for textile machinery lubrication. These are synthesized using the by RUSTX to modify petroleum products and oils.

These compounds are capable of a 100% wash release with water at normal room temperatures and even without the need of any detergents or solvents in a wash rinse time of less than 3 minutes.

Wash Properties

Washability   100%
Staining   0%
Residue   0%
Dye Reactivity   0%
Solvent Washing   Not Required
Max. Soak Time   1 minute
Max. Rinse Time   2 minutes


Water Clear

Technical Specifications

Property    Value Value  Value 
Kinematic Visoosity cSt @ 40° C    15Cst  32Cst 46Cst
 Specific Gravity    0.88-0.96 0.88-0.96  0.88-0.96 
Flash Point     400° C   400° C   400° C


   100-120 80-100   70-90
 Water Solubility(in 5 mins)    100% 100%  100% 
color     Water Clear Water Clear   Water Dear
Wash time     <5 Minutes  <5 Minutes  <5 Minutes
Lubrication     Pass Pass  Pass 
Cast Iron Corrosion   Pass Pass Pass

Application Areas 

Knitting machines,Weaving machines,Stitching machines,Spinning


Cotton,Wool,Acrylic,Polyester,Nylon etc.