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 A large range of greases help our customer chose the right grease suited for the right application.
 Multi Purpose Grease  MP3  NLGI 3  Light yellow colour, drop point 180 C
 Extreme Pressure Grease  EP2  NLGI 2  Brown colour,EP additive
 Railway road Grease RR3   NLGI 3  Green colour,water resistant
 Extreme Pressure Grease EP000   NLGI 00/000  Automated lubrication systems 
 Molybdenum Grease Molytex   NLGI 2 -20 to 140 C 
 Silicon Grease Silicone Grease   NLGI 00/000 Long age and life silicone grease 
 High Temperature High temperature 270   -- High temperature 270+ Drop Point pdf

    Other Industrial Lubes

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 Carefully selected base stocks for use in central lubrication systems of Paper machines
 Turbine Oil  Turbino-X  32,46,68  Turbocompressors,turbines and gearboxes with FZG>10
Refrigeration Compressor Compre-X Friz 12,22,32,46,68,100 For use in Refrigeration compressors
Circulating Oils Circul-X 90,140,220,320,460 General circulating application
Slideway Oil Slide-X EP 32,68,320 Horizontal and vertical slideways
General Purpose Lubrication oil Genre-X 140,220,320 For most basic lubrication needs
Thermic Oil Therm-X 22,32,46,68 Boilers,heat Exchanges etc.

   Lubrication Oils

 Gear,Compressor,Circulation and Slideway Oils  

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 High-performance multipurpose oils for most demanding forming operations.
 Gear oils  Gear-X  90,140,220,320,460  EP Gear Box oils
Gear oils Synthetic   Gear-X Synthetic   90,220,460 Synthetic gear oils with high VI 
Compressor Oils   Compre-X  90,140,220  For use in compressors
Circulating Oils   Circul-X   90,140,220,320,460 General circulating application 
Slideway Oil   Slide-X EP   32,68,320 Horizontal and vertical slideways 
General Purpose Lubrication Oil   Genre-X   140,220 For most basic lubrication needs 

   Hydraulic Oils         

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 High-performance multipurpose oils for most demanding forming operations.
Antiwear  HYDR-X AW 12,22,32,46,68,100 Anti wear,age resistant
HLP   HYDR-X HLP  12,22,32,46,68,100 Following standard DIN 51 524-2
High Viscosity Index   HYDR-X VI   12,22,32,46,68,100 Heat and Oxidation resistant VCI>150
Zinc Free  HYDR-X ZNF   12,22,32,46,68,100 Following standard DIN 51 524-3
Synthetic  HYDR-X SYN   32,46,68 Polyglycol base fully synthetic 
Fire Resistant(Water based)  HYDR-X FR   32,46,68 For resistant hydraulic oil


All Viscosities are calculated at 40 degree Celsius


Size- 4" to 600"
Printing- 6 colour
Roll Size-Custom
Thickness-100 microns +

Ideal to Pack:
Boats | Helicopters | Jet Engines | Machinery | Heavy Equipment | Military Equipment | Naval Equipment | Large automotive parts | Castings