Synergy Turbo15W40 CF4pdf


High-quality, high-performance, multigrade mineral oil lubricant. Recommended for diesel engines, naturally- aspirated engines and turbo-charged diesel engines in private cars and industrial vehicles. (Busses, trucks, public works and agriculture, Diesel engines). 


• Highly-fluid, all-weather, multigrade oil for cold conditions, facilitating start-up and reducing engine metal wear.

• The alkaline reserve (TBN) safeguards the engine againstcorrosion by neutralizing the acids formed in the combustion automotive and agricultural fuels with different sulfur contents.

• Maintains the proper pressure under any temperature in all running conditions.

• Product suitable for normal periods of around-town driving and for public works.

• Its detergency and dispersion feature keeps the combustion by-products in suspension, keeping the cold engine parts clean even for long times between oil changes.

• Prevents the cylinder liner scuffing typical of high-powered supercharged engines. 



Recommended For

Passenger Vehicles - like TATA ,Indica/Indigo, Sumo, Toyota Mitsubishi Pajero, Land Rover, Armada/Scorpio, Tempo Trax etc. Heavy Commercial Vehicles - with turbo-charged modern engines like Iveco Cargo, Volvo, Ashok Leyland trucks using Iveco and Hino engines, the new generation TELCO trucks. Diesel Generator Sets - operating on High Speed Diesel (HSD) like Cummins, Komatsu and Caterpillar. Earth Moving Equipment - operating on HSD and requiring API CF-4 performance requirements like Caterpillar, Svedala/Dynapac, BEML and L&T Vibromax & All makes of tractors.


 Characteristics  Test Method  Result
K Viscoisty @ 100 C CST  IS 1448: P-25  14-15 
Viscosity Index   IS 1448: P-56 122 
 Flash Point IS 1448: P-69  202 C 
TBN mg KOH /gm  IS 1448: P-86   10 min