RUST-X Packaging & Industrial Polymers (IMIX EVA Polymer)  pdf

Product Description

IMIX EVA Polymer is an extrudable ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin available in pellet form for use in conventional extrusion equipment designed to process polyethylene resins.  


Material Status: Commercially Active
Availability: Globally


This resin is designed to provide a low temperature heat seal to itself or many other materials commonly used in flexible packaging applications. The melt properties of this resin allow it to be processed on blown film equipment over a wide range of film thickness and blow-up ratios. It can also be co-extruded with a variety of other polymers. This resin is typically used as low temperature seal layer in co-extruded films.

Typical Characteristics

Properties Value
Composition 18 % By Weight Vinyl Acetate comonomer content
Thermal Stabilizer BHT antioxidant

Typical Physical Properties  

Properties  Standard Test Method Value
Density  ISO 1183 ASTM D792  0.94 g/cm³  
Melt Flow Rate(190° C/2.16kg) ISO 1133 ASTM D1238 0.7 g/10 min
Density,lbs./gallon 7.2  7.2  7.2 

Typical Thermal Properties  

Properties  Standard Test Method Value
Melting Point (DSC) ISO 3146 ASTM D3418 89°C (192°F)
Freezing Point (DSC)   ASTM D3418  68°C (154°F) 
Vicat Softening Point  ISO 306  ASTM D1525  69°C (156°F) 

Processing Information

Properties Value
Maximum Processing Temperature  230°C (446°F) 
General Processing Information 

Resin melt temperature should be maintained in the range of 150- 175°C (300-350°F) to provide a suitable viscosity and melt strength for blown film extrusion. Higher temperatures may be more appropriate for coextrusion with other grades. Selection of a specific melt temperature will depend on considerations such as desired gauge, height of tower, cooling capacity, extruder hold up time, winding conditions, and other machine variables.

IMIX EVA POLYMER can be used in conventional extrusion equipment designed to process polyethylene resins. However, corrosion-protected barrels, screws, adapters, and dies are recommended, since, at sustained melt temperatures above 446°F (230°C), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) resins may thermally degrade and release corrosive byproducts.  

 Safety Information

RUST-X Oils don’t contain Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), or Polybrominated di-phenylether complying with the re-stricted substances listed in Article 4(1) of the RoHS Directive. RUST-X Rust Preventive Oils are also REACH Compliant for exports to the European Union.