GEAR OILS -Supremo GL5

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These are range of high quality gear oils manufactured from selected Base stocks & blended with ashless extreme pressure agents. In addition they contain additives to increase adhesiveness & present film rupture under shock loading conditions. Contains friction modifier. They are very stable, have high resistance to foaming, good demulsibility characteristics, seal compatible & fluidity at low temperature. GEARX 100 are recommended for high speed single & double helical gear sets utilizing a circulating system for spray lubrication. They are also suitable for heavily loaded bearings where straight mineral oil do not have sufficiently high film strength to provide effective lubrication. GEARX 150 can be used in helical & spur gear sets having peripheral speeds of 1000/2500 feet per minute & utilizing spray or splash lubrication. Again it can be used for heavily loaded bearings requiring an oil of this type. This grade has an extremely good record of satisfactory lubrication of main pinion gears in rolling mills in the steel industry. GEARX 220 & 320 can be used for slower speed gears in the 200-2500 FPM speed range, and worm gears having rubbing speeds in the range 0-2000 FPM. GEARX 460 is recommended for slow heavily loaded worm, spur and helical gears where exceptional adhesiveness is required and where shock loading may be problem.

Table of Properties:

 GEARX GRADE  100  115  150 175   220 320  460   680  1000
 Appearance          Bright, Clear Amber, Homogeneous Liquid
 Sp. Gravity          0.86 to 0.91
 Kin. Viscosity                  
 Viscosity Index   90  90   90  90   90   90   90   90  90
 Flash Point (o C)  215   220  230   235  240  245  270  280   280
 Timken OK Load(lb)  65  65  65  65  65 65   65  65  65
 Rust Prevention  Pass  Pass  Pass Pass   Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass