Semi Synthetic Oils (Sharp-6000)

Product Description

Sharp 6000 has been developed to supply the modern machine workshop with a single versatile product to cope with a wide range of machining operations. Its excellent lubricity handles slow speed and high pressure operations, while its superior level of Extreme Pressure additives permits the use of high speed CNC machine cutting of tough alloys. The product is incorporated with excellent class of broad spectrum bactericides and fungicides that promise longer sump life, combined with good housekeeping practice confers exceptional resistance to bacterial and fungal degradation leading to extended sump life.

Sharp 6000 possesses first class inhibition to ferrous corrosion and aluminium stain formation. The product readily dilutes in all water qualities to form a fine, low odour, milky blue emulsion, and resits oil separation and separates tram oils..


• Very good rust prevention on parts after machining

• High Level of Extreme Presssure Additives

• Excellent Cooling Power

• All metal compatibility - Al, Cu, Zn, Fe, Bronze, Mg etc.

• Extended sump life- 6months - 1 year

• Exceptional Resistance to bacterial degradation

• Adapted for a wide range of machine feeds & speeds

• Fewer nicks & wearability on tools

• Lower Operational temperatures

Coolant Management

Dilution: Do not add just water and then the cutting oil to the tank. Rather make a mixture separately in a barrel for the required concentration and mix throughougly. Then add this mixture to the machine coolant tank. Use a hand refractrometer to constantly measure the concentration and record regularly on the machine.

Tramp Oils arise from positive loss lubricators, oily stock, hydraulics, etc. If allowed to build up in the system, tramp oils are the most frequent cause of performance loss. Their presence leads to bacterial degradation, deemulsification, souring (pH drop) corrosion and poor finishes. On machines standing idle, anaerobic spoilage can be prevented by re-circulating the coolant a few hours twice weekly. Staff will be pleased to provide onsite technical advice and training on your specific coolant requirements. 

Physical, Chemical & Corrosion Prevention Properties

Properties  Test Method   Value
Colour  Visual  Amber Clear 
Viscosity @ cSt @ 40°C   ASTM D 445 55 65 cSt 
Specific Gravity  ASTM D 1298   0.5 - 0.96
Corrosion performance   ASTM 4627-86 Pass(5%solution) 
Colour of Emulsion@5%conc. Inwater    Milky White 
Refractrometer reading@5%conc     5
Odour     None

3-5% depending upon

severity of operation 

water    -9.5 

Packaging Available

26 Liters Can & 210 Liters Barrel 

Safety Information 

RUST-X Products donot contain Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), or P olybrominated di-phenylether complying with the re-stricted substances

Use of safety equipment such as gloves, goggles is recommended. Don’t inhale vapours.

RUST-X Products are also REACH Compliant for exports to the European Union.