RUST-X 135 SERIES RUST PREVENTIVE OIL(Grade: 120 A- Ex Rust Preventive Oil)

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Product Description:

Exports of automotive components is a very critical task which requires specialised Rust Preventive Packaging schemes in synergism with highly effective rust preventive oils. RUSTX-EX Export Grade oils have higher, faster and longer duration of effective chemicals that protect the metallic components from saline atmospheres during sea transportation as well as long term storage.

RUSTX 135 series oils contain VCI chemicals, which work in contact phase as well as in the vapour phase and protect components by its dual action.

RUSTX – 120 A is a low viscosity grade of rust preventive oil having excellent thixotropic properties and holds well on surfaces that may be super finished or vertically placed.

The product has a high flash point and can be used for protection of Cold Rolled Steel, Engine Components, as well as large equipment where indoor open storages are required.

Application Method:

Dipping by far is the best method for establishing an even layer on the component.

Other methods may be used such as mist spraying, electrostatic spraying, brushing, automatic conveyor spray or dip process pray. It is important that the complete surface of the component is coated with the rust preventive oil.

Suitable for:

Machined Steel Components, Castings, Forgings, CR sheets, Bearings, Gears, Transmission Components, Axles, Process Equipment, Flanges, Valves etc.


  • Light Lubricating oil film
  • Engine Oil Compatible
  • Thixotropic properties
  • Long Term Corrosion Prevention
  • Electrostatically Sprayable
  • Easily washable with water and solvent based products
  • Excellent protection against acidic and saline environments
  • Non Sticky soft film 

Typical Properties:

Properties Test Method Value
Colour Visual Amber Clear
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1298 0.78 - 0.83 
Flash Point (before application) ASTM D 92 220oC
Volatiles by % (by weight)   <1 % 
Coverage (sq m/ Lt)   <100 sqm 
Film thickness IS 2074  2-4 microns
Pour Point  ASTM D 97  Below -5o
Saponification Value (mg KOH/gm) ASTM D 94 5.0-7.0 
Viscosity @ cSt @ 40°C  ASTM D 445 15 cSt


Corrosion Prevention Properties Test Method Value
Salt Spray Protection ASTM B 117  72 hours
Salth Spray in VCI Packaging  ASTM B 117 720 hours +
Humidity Chamber  ASTM D 1748 720 hours +
Indoor Protection Life (open)    2 months
Indoor protection life (packed)   2 years 
Packaged Protection Life (In VCI Packaging)   Upto 5 Years


Packaging Available

26 Liters Can & 210 Liters Barrel 

Safety Information:

RUST-X Rust Preventive Oils donot contain Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), or Polybrominated di-phenylether complying with the re-stricted substances listed in Article 4(1) of the RoHS Directive. RUST-X Rust Preventive Oils are also REACH Compliant for exports to the European Union.