CompFriz Oils

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CompFriz oils are high quality mineral lubricants formulated for the lubrication of reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors. These oils possess inherent resistance to oxidation and deposit formation.  

Performance Benefits:

Possess high fluidity at very low temperatures

• Resist deposit formation thereby keeping compressor parts clean

• Reduce compressor valve maintenance due to less deposits

• Ensure high condenser efficiency

• Have long service life due to high oxidation and thermal stability

• Have reduced tendency to foam

• Minimise copper plating due to their resistance to interact with metals in the system  

Typical Operations:

CompFriz oils are recommended for the lubrication of a wide range of refrigeration compressors. These oils can be used with conventional refrigerants, except sulphur di-oxide, in both reciprocating and rotary compressors. They are also suitable for use in properly designed and well maintained refrigeration systems, where evaporator temperatures are lower than the pour point of the oil.


CompFriz oils meet the following specification:

• IS : 4578-1989 CompFriz 68 meets Carrier Corporation, USA specification No. PP 46-1 


Specification  12 22 32 46 68 100
Kinematic Viscosity cst@40 degree C  12-14 21-23 31-34 44-47 67-69 102
Flash Point 140  150 154 160  170 200
Pour Point  -39 -45 -30 -27 -24 -24