Product Description:

Hi Tech’s specialized cutting oils provide added benefits and specialized properties none other oils provide. These are achieved through Hi-Tech’s careful blending of select oils with appropriate additives which provide higher lubrication, excellent corrosion protection & longer tank life. For the maximum performance, from either mineral oil based, synthetic oil based or water soluble cutting fluids, Hi-Tech offers a complete selection of top quality metalworking oils for the industry.

                                                                                                                                           coolants that bloods your machines rich 



Water Soluble Coolants - WS50

Rust-X m soluble cutting oils out-perform the competition in following categories:

  •  Rust prevention to the component from cutting oils and water after machining
  • Cutting efficiency 1.5 to 2 times compared to conventional oils
  • Longer tank life 6-9 months without fouling owing to world class biocides
  •  Higher lubrication due to better quality oils
  • Low concentration of blend 1:20 to 1:40
  • Operational up to 700 ppm of hard water
  • Fewest nicks and wearability on tools
  • Lower operational temperatures. 

Technical Data

Standards: IS1115:1986

Viscosity : cSTat 40 degrees - 52 before solution

Emulsion Test 700ppm Hard Water - No Oil and No Cream

Corrosion - Number of pits and intensity of staining - NIL

Froth Test at 400ppm Hard Water - No Froth

Cast Iron Corrosion Test - Pass