DRAW TECH 12, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 320

Product Description:

Drawtech is a chlorine-free, non-corrosive, extreme pressure lubricant, which is specially formulated for drawing steel/ copper/aluminum wire/strips. The Boundary film formed between the die and the metal reduces friction and minimizes welding, scoring and galling. The oil is totally transparent and does not impart any coloration to the metallic surface being drawn

* Versatile, use for drawing prior to heading or for high speed redrawing

* Exceptionally bright, clean surface on drawn wire/strips

* Consistent lubricating film improves surface finish on drawn wire

* Replaces powder lubricants which may contaminate lube systems in heading operations

* Will not separate in storageor in use

* High affinity for metal allows excellent wetting of mechanically descaled wire

* In liquid state: no dusting, no waste

* Small amount left on wire/strip can be easily cleaned off by degreasing if required

Property Value  Standard
Kinematic Viscosity @ cSt @ 40°C  12, 32, 46, 68, 150, 220, 320 ASTM D445
Specific Gravity 0.88 - 0.96  ASTM D1298
Flash Point (residual)  180 C  ASTM D92 
Saponification Value (mg KOH/gm)  5.0-7.0  ASTM D5558-95
Engine Oil Compatibility Pass  
Effective Film thickness 0.5-1 microns  MIL-C-16173D 
Colour Transparent  ASTM D1500
Water Displacement  Pass MIL-C-16173D