VCI Rust Preventive Oils   pdf

Product Description

 Rust preventives are used for corrosion prevention during manufacturing, in-process storage, vendor-supplies or for dewatering and rust prevention of components after water based machining operations.

These are thin film dry to touch oils which form a non-sticky corrosion preventive layer ranging from 0.5 micron to 5 microns depending upon the grade selected. The oil also degreases, dewaters and protects the components after application.

Short Term Storage

As a good manufacturing practice, these oils should be applied immediately after the operation where short terms storage of components is required. The components after oil application should be covered to prevent dust particles accumulating on the components as they are hygroscopic and can cause spot rust. 

Rust Protection after Machining Operations

After machining the components should be immersed completely in a bin containing the IP oil and then placed in crates or stands. The thin layer rust preventive does not cause any interference with the cutting fluids in the next operation. 

 Vendor Supplies

During vendor supplies these IP oils may be applied on the components where upto 30 day corrosion prevention is required along with dry to touch feel.

Job-Work components

 In case castings, forgings or any components need to be sent to job-work vendors, 136 series oils should be applied on the components to protect them from corrosion development during open transportation and rough handling.

Application Method

Dipping by far is the best method for establishing an even layer on the component.

Other methods may be used such as spraying, Brushing, Automatic Conveyor & Spray Jet provided the complete surface of the component is coated with the rust preventive oil.


  • Dry to touch
  • Good coverage due to low viscosity-high flowability & high penetration properties
  • Less consumption due to thin film
  • Quick Drying - Dries within 5-6 minutes
  • Does not contaminate cutting fluids  Excellent protection against acidic and saline environments
  • Excellent Dewatering & Degreasing Properties
  • Finger Print Remover
  • Does not produce fumes during welding or heat treatment for 136 Invisi & 136 A grades
  • Non Sticky washable film