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Product Description

RustX Thermic Oil Series is a range of heat transfer oil formulated with highly refined hydro cracked paraffinic base oil with specially selected additives to provide exceptional oxidation and thermal stability, thus, minimizing viscosity changes and deposits forming at the heating surfaces. The base oil used has very low sulphur content and hence higher availability. 


  Recommended as a heat transfer oil for both open type and closed type heating systems. It is most suitable for long-term application. Recommended operating temperature range is up to 200oC in the open systems and 300oC in the closed systems. Note:Heat transfer oil requirements are different in open and closed systems. There is a greater risk of oil oxidation in the open systems.


1. Excellent Oxidation Stability - A highly refined paraffinic base oil and anti-oxidation additives assure excellent oxidation stability and reduce problems caused by formation of sludge.

2. Excellent Thermal Stability - Addition of special additives assure excellent thermal stability minimizes viscosity changes

3. High Viscosity Index

4. High Flash Point 

Typical Properties

Properties  ASTM Method  32   46 68  100 
Color  D-1500  L0.5  L0.5 L0.5 L0.5
Density at 15 degrees C  D-4052  .8630   .8630  .8630  .8630
Flash Point   D-92  226  234 258   260
 Pour Point  D-874 -20  -27.5 -25  -15 
Viscosity@ 40 degrees C D-445   31.27 45  68  68 
Viscosity Index  D-2270  105   108  109 103 
 TAN  D-974 0.08  0.08 0.08   0.08
Foam @ 24 degrees C D-892  <10 <10 <10 <10