RUST-X Refractometer (Brix/Solid Content 0-32%)pdf 


RUST-X Refractometer (Brix/Solid Content 0-32%) - ideal emulsions/cutting fluids and solid content/dry matter measurement, - can also be used for high precision measurement of fruit juice, cola and most other beverages.

This handheld refractometer measures from 0-32% brix. It has an impressive accuracy and can be used for many industrial and other purposes. Ideal for high concentration emulsions and solid content measurement. Add a few drops of liquid on the prism and you can instantly read the value.



• Ideal for cutting fluids and emulsions with high concentration

• Measure solid content/dry matter in liquids

• Extremely accurate +/- 0,2

• Easy to use

• Is delivered in a solid box.

• Double joint ensures that the cover plate fits exactly on the main prism.

• You can use this instrument in normal lightning. Many others require bright sunlight to work well.

• ATC (Automatic temperature compensation)

• Measure fruit juice, tomato juice, cola and many other beverages.

• Test vegetable oils

Technical Features

Measurement range 0-32 %

Accuracy: 0.2 %

Dimensions: 27 x 40 x 150 mm

Weight: 175 gr. 


You can save money by achieving optimum working conditions. In many industrial productions and other places different measurements must be made to keep a concentration of different fluids at the correct range of solid content/dry matter. A refractometer is a cheap, easy and effective way to do these measurements.

All you have to do is to add a few drops of liquid to the main prism. Close the cover plate and ensure that the fluid covers the entire prism area. Point the refractometer towards a light source and instantly you will be able to accurately read the value.