Product Description

Lamper 120+ Laminated PE Paper that is widely used for automated packaging of automotive FMCG and other industrial goods. The paper is laminated with multi-layer (3 layer film) for higher strength. Multi-layer film is made using a proprietary blend called Coctane 3X, There is extremely low permeability of moisture & solvents in this polymeric chain that renders de-lamination and bubble formation impossible. Laminated Paper is made from bleached long and short fibre pulp. The Paper has low content of sulphur, chlorine and other materials harmful for component packing. Lamper120+ is available in the form of rolls, cut sheets or pouches. Lamper120+ has two variants – white and brown. The paper has laminated to provide best protection against moisture. The lamination of the product is done using acrylic adhesives that are dried at 1200C for ultra bonding of paper and polymer film

 lamper 120


• Excellent printability.

• High tensile strength.

• High stiffness.

• Flawless Runability.

• Premium tensile strength.

• No reaction with RP Oil or solvents.

 lamper 120

Typical Properties

Property Value Units
Paper weight 70 g/m2
Laminated Film  40-45 microns
Adhesive Content  <2 g/m2
Bf of Paper 30  
pH of Paper  7  
colour Brown/White  
Self Life 2 Years  
Sealing Temperature 900C - 1500C  
Adhesive Base Acrylic