VCI Packaging

Lamper 120VCI BubbleVCI HDPE PaperVCI Plastic-1VCI Plastic-2VCI Paper LaminatedVCI Paper Un-Laminated, Metal Barrier Film,VCI Tectonic, VCI WRP 050-1,Antistatic Film,Flange Savex,Copper ShieldHVCI PaperStretch FilmVCI Tuff FilmTuff Film X Linked 200&100VCI 4500 Emitters+DesicantsVCI HDPE TAPEVCI Lamina & Non-Lamina Shrink FilmVCI strength FabricVCI Tablet, VCI POWDER Dunnage Bags

Rust Preventive Oil

IP 136 A, C, E & InvisibleRust Preventives 136 -ERUST-X 40RUST-X VCI HD 30 HEAVY DUTYRUST-X VCI HD 32 HEAVY DUTYRUST-X VCI HD5 HEAVY DUTYRUST-X VCI HD7 HEAVY DUTY120-A Ex Rust Preventive Oil132-A Ex Rust Preventive Oil135 A-EX EXPORT GRADE_DRY 2 TOUCH135 C-MSZ _Export Grade Dry Film Type135 C Ex,135 D135 DRY - EX135 E Ex135 Super Dry - EX145-A Ex Rust Preventive OilRPO 135A (Domestic)RPO 135C (Domestic)RPO 135E (Domestic)VCI 137 Dry for Wires & Steel IndustriesVCI 137 Dry Type Rust Preventive OilWRP 915RPA4500WRP-910 (conc.)WRP-911 (conc.)WRP-911,VCI Heavy Duty7 ,SHARP 3000 - SEMI SYNTHETIC CUTTING OILS,VCI Punching Oil,VCI Oil 135 Dry - Export Grade (Dry To Touch),VCI 137 C Dry Type Rust Preventive Oil,THERMIC OILS,RUST-X VCI Oil Additive,RUST-X VCI Oil Additive 3540,RUST-X 125 A - Ex Rust Preventive Oil,RP Oil Domestic & Export,RP Oil Aluminium,Quenching Oils,Punching Oil 6,PANHERA Synthetic Gear & Lubrication Oil,Neat Cutting Oil,In Process Oil 136, Hydraulic Oil, Honing OILSGear Oil, Drawing OilCutting Oil WS50Cutting Oil WS25Compfriz Oil400A - Ex Rust Preventive Oil400A - Ex Rust Preventive Oil MIL-P-46002,145-A Ex WW Rust Preventive Oil145-A Ex Rust Preventive Oil135 Punching Oil135 Heavy Duty Rust Preventive Oil135 E - Ex Rust Preventive Oil135 C - Ex Rust Preventive Oil135 A - Ex Rust Preventive Oil135 - Ex Rust Preventive Oil132-A Ex Rust Preventive Oil120-A Ex Rust Preventive OilRustX Hydraulic Oil _AW_220RUST-X Mineral Oil Free RPRustx Rust Preventive OilRUST-X FoodOyls Rust Preventive Oil 32, Rubber Process OilReach Certificate VCI OilOIL 145HNeat Cutting Oils_22 ,Neat Cutting OilsHYDRAULIC OILHoning Oil 12, 22, 32, 46GEAR OIL,  BROACHING OIL - 16, 22 TDS VCI 14107s - Ex Rust Preventive Oil 

Industrial Lubricant

Vanishing OilMulti purpose Lubrication OilSlideway OilThermax Oil32Thermax Oil,  Gear Oil EPHydraulic OilQuenchX 32,Quenching Oil 32Fire Resistant hydraulic Fluid ,Forming Oil

Metal Working Fluid

Sharp-3000Sharp-6000Sharp-7000Sharp-8000WS-25WS-50WS-200, ALUCUT-3000ALUCUT-6000,Sharp-10000,Sharp-11000

Rust Removers



AQUAFLUSHTDS CL000  CL002 CL005TDS CL000 AL CL002 AL CL005 AL Aluminum Specialty

Engine Oil

15 W40 CF4RustX 20W40

Emitters And Desiccant

VCI 19000 DesiccantZorb-It VCI Emitter + Desiccant ,  Zorb-It

Testing Equipment


Textile Lubricant


Wire Oil

Draw EZ 5060Draw EZ Range


Hi-Temp Greasemetic 41000rr,RustX Silox,Grease EP-2Grease HI-TEMP 3  Extreme Pressure Lubricant Grease-HITEMP3

EVA Bags

Imix Eva Polymer

Rubber Compatible