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The industry demands coil wrapping machine reliability and efficiency. Fhope meets this challenge by supplying durable, reliable and energy efficient coil wrapping equipment. This is backed up by a unique level of supply that provides our customers with the best wrapping solution both commercially and operationally.
Above we present seven sections of current relative coils in different industry; an industrial equipment section for industrial coil wrapping requirements. Please choose the section that you require by clicking on the corresponding image above.

Steel coil Copper Coil Wire coil

Steel Coil

Steel coil wrapping machine is the best seller in our company. It specialize for steel coils, such as slit coil, stainless steel coil, strip...From single machine or automatic wrapping line are available in HTI

Copper Coil

The wrapping packing machine for copper industry. The packing way can be eye vertical or eye horizontal accordingly. If fit for almost all kind of packing material available in the market. 

Wire Coil

The most efficiency packing solution for PC wire coil, pre-strand wire coil, GI wire, razor wire, stainless steel wire...Wrapping machine up to 15-35 sec/pcs. 



Cable 3-1 Aluminum coil Bearing

Cable Coil

The cable coil wrapping machine is for the cable coil with ID range 150-2000mm. Small machine for small ID, big machine for big ID to get a best packaging.

Aluminum Coil

The aluminum coil wrapping machine is for Max. width 1800mm.



Bearing Coil

Bearing wrapping machine can be designed according your specification and packing goal. Eye vertical wrapping with conveyor loading and unloading is the well received by Bearing industry.


 Hose Coil (1) HDPE PACKING 
Hose coil

Hose coil wrapping machine is able to get a nice packaging meet your requirement by PE film/LLDPE stretch film/HDPE/PVC. The highly wrapping speed 20-30sec/pcs save your labor cost a lot.

Pipe coil

Pipe coil wrapping machine is packing tension adjustable. It fit for the pipe coil with different OD, ID and Width. Easy operation and less maintains, high speed...