pH Meter Heat Sealer Humidity Meter
  Handy PPM and pH meters can be used even by the operators. No more reliance on lab chemists for obtaining data.   Seal your bags to inhibit influx of moisture in your packaging and prevent outflux of VCI from the packaging.   Humidity meter is the best equipment of control to check moisture in boxes and wood. Sharp high tensile steel teeth provide longer life.
Flange Savex Corrugated Boxes VCI HDPE Tape
  Rustx VCI Metalbarrier film. Available in various sizes   Corrugated Boxes with special toughening of flute to withstand upto 3MT load. The flute is bidirectional to provide better strength.   HDPE tapes with high adhesive properties for best tackiness in humid environment.
Stretch Films Refractometer German Pallets
  Special hand and machine stretch films available in both pre or post stretch. Available in various sizes & thicknesses.   Check the conc of your coolants or emulsions using high accuracy refractometer.   German pallets made from wood chips and wood waste. it can hold upto 3MT of weight.
VCI Tablets Air Pouch Machine Air Pouch machine Jumbo
  1 gm VCI tablets are compressed VCI chemical for protection of parts that require special advanced corrosion inhibition and for hard to reach spots where direct packaging cannot be used   Air pad machine for applications of high risk to protect damage to components and parts.   Air pad machine for applications of high risk to protect damage to components and parts.
Strap Stand Dunnage Bags Hand Stretch Wrapper
  Easy to use strap stands to place strapping coils or tools on the stand   Fill void space inside container by using large sized dunnage bags in between pallets and equipments   Hand stretch wrapping device for ease of packing pallets, boxes or machines etc. effortlessly.


Size- 2" to 200"
Printing- 2 colour
Roll Size-Custom
Thickness-30 microns +

Ideal to Pack:
Metal | Electronics | Garments | Furniture |Polymers | Food Grade Materials