The Zorb-IT Desiccant

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Zorb-it desiccants are specially formulated dehumidifiers to control the relative humidity in the enclosed packaging system where damp environments can cause problems. The issues caused by excessive moisture can be corrosion in metallic and automotive components during storage and exports, fungal developments in textiles and garments,circuitry issues in electronic goods, mold development in leather goods, dampness in pharmaceutical products and tarnishing of brass,copper and silver.
Due to the changes in temperature and volume of air, the moisture is sucked into the container by the process of container breathing. this moisture then condenses or gets absorbed resulting in a detrimental effect on the articles packed. Zorb-it helps in adsorption and retention of this moisture within the Zorb-IT Desiccant pouch.

Zorb-It Container Gel based Technology

 With Super Absorbents




Zorb-it Container Gel is the most effective moisture adsorber with highest adsorption capacity of 325% W/w without releasing water. The use of Zorb-it reduces chances of container rain, which occurs due to condensation of water on the roof of the container & then dripping on the packaged goods. The Zorb-It Gel is formulated using a unique combination of natural super adsorbent gelling agent and desiccating additives. The adsorbed moisture is immediately converted into a gel form which tightly holds water molecules. For more Details Please Visit/ Click on

Zorb-It Clay based Technology

 With Super Absorbents



Zorb-it clay desiccants are formulated using activated, high adsorption, natural clays which are packed in a Tyvek Membrane from DuPont. The Tyvek membrane is highly breathable, non dusting membrane that allows selective inward movement of moisture and after converting this moisture to water droplets and Adsorption it is not released out. These clay pouches can be used to protect metal components, textiles, leathers, garments, chemicals etc. These can be placed with the product without causing any damage due to dusting or leakage. The product is fully natural without any chemical additives and is very safe to use for a wide variety of applications.For more Details Please Visit/ Click on


High absorption capacity
works in wide temp range
No reverse release of H2O
Safe for human
Safe for environment

Ideal for usage:
Casting | Forging | Sheet Metal | Machined parts | Machinery