Forming and Drawing Oils


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High performance, flexibility, economy and trouble-­‐free processes, these are priorities in all modern forming operations. FORM-­‐EZ series lubricating oils guarantee a long service life, trouble-­‐free and minimal use of lubricant. The elimination of pickling stages and the saving of phosphating without loss of quality makes a significant contribution to the reduction of process costs. FORM-­‐EZ special oils for forming are available for a wide range of applications from steel through aluminium to copper. Environmental compatibility and work safety are guaranteed by low-­‐aromatic compound oils, absence of free chlorine and preferred use of sustainable raw materials.


Feature and Benifits

  • Excellent lubrication properties reduce wear on dies and increases forming and stamping speeds.
  • Improved lubrication film during the forming operation provides for a scratch less part.
  • Lubricant fortified with Extreme Pressure additives and lubricity enhancers for highest level of performance.
  • Additive package combination produces a high resistance to excessive foaming degradation.
  • Increased Die Life.
  • Increased production due to lower cycle time requirements.
  • Lesser Rejection ratio and surface defects.
  • Reduced cost and economy of use.