Metal Working Water Miscible


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RUSTX Mineral Oil Based Metal Working Fluids are manufactured using select oils with appropriate additives which provide higher lubrication, excellent corrosion protection & longer tank life under the most challenging work environments and conditions.

RUSTX WS 200 forms milky pink emulsion. RUSTX WS 200 is premium mineral based cutting oil for demanding operations. Mineral Oil Based are re-inforced with Extreme Pressure additives which reduce the overall cost per component and enhance productivity. The world class biocides incorporated provide longer tank life which further reduces breakdowns and improves working conditions and environment. The corrosion inhibitors provide resistance against corrosion during short term storage and in process movement of materials.



Water Soluble Coolants - WS 200- Mineral Oil Based Water Soluble Coolants

  • Rust-X soluble cutting oils out-perform the competition in following categories:
  • Rust prevention to the component from cutting oils and water after machining.
  • Higher Cutting efficiency & tool life compared to conventional oils.
  • Longer sump life fouling owing to world class biocides.
  • Higher lubrication due to EP additives.
  • Low concentration of blend 1:20 to 1:40.
  • Operational up to 1200 ppm of hard water.
  • Fewer nicks and wear-ability on tools.
  • Lower operational temperatures.