Product Description

Neutracoat Rust Converter is a powerful oxidation converter designed for use on various steels, iron, cast iron and copper, metals & aluminum. Neutracoat Rust Converter is a aqueous solution designed to convert rust and oxidation safely and economically. The biggest advantage is that the components do not get rusty again after removing from solution which is case in Acidic Rust removers and forms black inactive layer on the metal surface which can then be painted for longer life .

Neutracoat Rust Converter easily works in the nooks and crannies and all the other wetted areas eliminating the need for mechanical removal. Neutra-Coat Rust Converter will save your money and time by eliminating the need for time –consuming sanding and grinding operations, not to mention the coast of labor associated with these operations.

Neutracoat Rust converter can be used again and again without any issues as it works on self replenishment system.


Take the rusted part and dip it in the solution for a few minutes or apply with paint brush. Flash rusted parts may take up to 3 minutes - 30 minutes and very highly rusted components may take up to few hours.

The product does not get tarnished as in acid solutions and can be left within solutions for upto days.

Dipping is by far the best method as the solution only acts on rust and there is no interaction with metal surface. The rust is selectively binded onto the rust converter molecules and removed into the solution. 








Physical properties

Property   Value
Kinematic Viscosity@CST@40   1 CST
Specific Gravity  1.0 
Odour  None 
Flashpoint   Non-Flammable