HI Density PET Felt- RustX Felt 2400/10 






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Polyester felt is a general purpose synthetic needle punched felt made in various densities thicknesses, often made in comparable density and thickness to SAE pressed wool felt.

Needle punched felt refers to felt that is made by vertically needling fibers together to achievea desired thickness and density. Needled felt is commonly made from polyester fibers. Whenviewing a cross-section of needled punched felt, the fibers lay vertically, as opposed topressed felt, where the fibers lay horizontally.

Polyester felt is a synthetic needle punched felt made from polyester fibers. Material is normally supplied either black or white. This special purpose felt is made in various densitieswith thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 20mm. Polyester felt is fairly inexpensive, and often made in comparable density and thickness to SAE pressed wool felt. The maximum temperature of polyester felt is 300 degree F, compared to 200 degrees for SAE pressed wool felts.


This material is commonly used for covering steel coils, under mat for steel coils, rods, heavy metal parts, filtration applications, gaskets, wipers, and padding in a wide variety of industries.
The density of polyester felt is commonly measured in gms/per Sq. mtr.
The high density felt can bear weight of unto 30 MT repeatedly for months and years together without wearing off.

Technical Specifications 

Parameter Value Measure
Weight 2300-2500 grams / sqm
Thickness 8-10 mm
Air Permeability 5.8 - 7.5 m3 /m
Max Breaking Strength 105- 135 (down) kg/5cm width
  130-160 (cross) kg/5cm width
Elongation 85-95 (down) % at break
  65-80 (cross) % at break
Bursting Strength 60-75 kg/ sqcm
Operating Temperature 130 - 170 degrees C dry heat
Max Surge Temperature 150-180 degrees C dry heat
Surface Resistance 10 ohm (ASTM D257)
Finish Needle Punched Double to Tripple layer
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