VCI JELLY                                                                                                                   







VCI Jelly/Paste is a soft brown viscous liquid jelly which can be applied with a brush on the parts to be protected. The compound is highly active against corrosion under the most damaging environmental conditions and provides long term corrosion protection.

The Jelly/Paste molecules are highly hydrophobic and do not allow moisture or water to permeate through the layer protecting the metal from corrosion. The Jelly/Paste is highly active against acidic fumes and provides excellent corrosion protection in the acidic environments such as pickling areas or sea humidity. The property of High Reserve Alkalinity allows for a heavy buffer against acidic fumes.

This can be used to coat structures and equipment which has to be placed in the open areas, undergo rough handling, unpacked refinery equipment, oil pipeline equipment and parts, off shore refineries, heat exchange, wind mill parts and other process equipment and parts.


 Application Method: Brush Application


 Suitable for: Castings, Forgings, Fabricated Equipment, Machined Parts



  •  Hydrophobic Film
  •  Transparent greenish brown colour
  •  Provides Long Term protection against moisture and acid fumes 
  •  Finger print protection 
  •  Penetrate with Thixotrophic properties



  • Outdoor Protection against saline rainfall for several months
  • Easy wipe off without need of any grinding tools.
  • The film stays liquid always like honey and never solidifies.
  • No need for special washing machines and wash cycles to clean the Jelly. It can be just wiped off with a piece of cloth when the part has to be used.
















VCI Jelly