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Dunnage Bag



Dunnage Bag also known as airbags, air cushions and inflatable bags are used to secure and stabilize cargo.Dunnage airbags consist of closed chambers made from an elstic film or PP and paper combination filled with air.When at rest, only the static load generated by the weight of the package contents bears upon the cushioning.When dynamic loads occur, these are absorbed by compression of the cushion.

Product Types

  • Paper Dunnage Bags

Paper dunnage bags are made out of two components, an inner component that consists of a polyethylene inner bag, the outer component is a paper bag. The outer bag is made of the highest quality, light weight kraft paper of high tensile strength. Paper dunnage bags come in different strengths and varieties and can be made in any special size. The inner component provides optimum pressure and the outer component provides optimum strength. For use in the chemical industry paper dunnage bags can be polycoated. A polycoat will make the dunnage bag resistant to specific chemicals

  • Woven polypropylene bags

Woven Polypropylene bags are extremely durable and can be used in dry and wet conditions.These bags are best for extreme heavy loads.Poly woven airbags have greater elasticity than Kraft paper dunnage airbags for more surface contact with the pallets. Poly woven airbags woven material provides greater tear strength, and superior moisture resistance than most other dunnage bag materials. Poly woven airbags typically have greater reuse opportunities, due to the durability of the woven material, and are recyclable.

  • Polypropylene paper laminated bags

The paper used on the outside of the bag is laminated on the inside with a woven polypropylene layer, which allows higher resistance to punctures and moisture


Size- 4" to 200" 
Printing- 6 colour 
Roll Size-Custom
Thickness-30 microns +

Ideal to Pack:
Coils | Wires | Rebars | CTL Sheets and Plates | Machinery | Rods | Colour Coated Steel | Galvanised Steel | Stainless Steel | CR |HR | Aluminum