Shrink Films

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Shrink films are made from high quality resins to cover almost anything. There is wide range of widths, lengths and mil thicknesses and colors. All our shrink wraps contains maximum UV inhibitors to last as long as 10-15 years in open.

Shrink films can be heat shrunk using a hot air electric gun, gas gun or flame gun which are also available with us.

Shrink covers of custom sizes made in rolls, bags or sewn for specific applications cane be custom developed. They can also be printed for signifying usage or can be colour coded.


   VCI Lamina Shrink Films



RustX VCI Lamina Films are manufactured using state of the art SMP Technology for speedy moisture passivation and provides long term corrosion protection to the packaged parts. VCI Lamina Films when sealed isolates the packed coils and sheets from influx of humidity and VCI pacifies the environment inside the packaging. VCI Lamina Films are suitable for ferrous and no ferrous metals and inhibit the development of corrosion, tarnishing etc for upto 5 years in a complete system designed by RustX.

RUST-X VCI Lamina Shrink Film is a specially designed product for the packaging of heavy equipment, armament,pallets,vehicles ,automotive parts,engines,wind mills,power plant equipment, chemical plant equipment etc.

RustX Films are cross linked which increases the strength between the molecular chain and provides very high tear and tensile strength and dart impact.

The film can be printed in upto 6 colours. 


Lamina Shrink Films have outer layer white and inner layer colour blue. The Inner Layer is a special VCI Coated film to provide long protection.


Size- 4" to 600"
Printing- 6 colour
Roll Size-Custom
Thickness-100 microns +

Ideal to Pack:
Boats | Helicopters | Jet Engines | Machinery | Heavy Equipment | Military Equipment | Naval Equipment | Large automotive parts | Castings