Co-Ex Vs Monolayer plant

RustX manufactures VCI products on Hi Technology 3 layer and 5 layer Co – Extrusion plants . VCI products made on co-extrusion lines are proven to have low water vapour transmission rate and oxygen transmission rate.

In a plastic film there are pores that are invisible which invite the moisture to pass through the film very easily. Normally in a 100 sq inch area or approx a 1 sq ft film of 25 microns made of LDPE, 2 gms of moisture pass through the film.

Every time new moisture enters the film, it has to be neutralized by the VCI film. It is important for a low permeability especially for large sized bags to reduce any addition of moisture or oxygen / air in the packaged environment to reduce the working ability of the VCI chemicals.


Single Layer Structure

q  Less Tacky film due to lower impregnation of tacky additives

q  Lower VCI Dosage

q  Lower Elongation due to lesser take up

q  Lower production capacity

q  Higher Water Vapour Emission Rates

q  Higher Oxygen Transmission Rates

q  Higher blow holes and puncture points


Co Ex Plant 

q  Outer Layer

q  High quantity of  strengthening polymers

q  High corona treatment for better printing adhesion

q  Middle Layer

q  High moisture and oxygen barrier polymers that also give better strength and elongation

q  VCI Additives for appropriate bleeding to the inner layer

q  Inner Layer

q  VCI Additives in high proportion

q  High tacky additives for stretch films