VCI Rust Power



VCI Rust Power

Preservation of Equipment and Exports of Metal Components is a critical task. Water based rust preventives are the latest generation of Rust Preventive Water based solutions, which are also eco friendly. This is due a solvent free product, which upon evaporation does not harm the environment & does not release VOC’s, CFC’s, nitrites or gases that may harm the environment. VCI 1337 can be directly applied as it is ready to use water based RPO. VCI 1337 can be applied by spray, dip or brush. The product forms a corrosion preventive layer on the part after it dries which is soft, easily washable in paint lines, can be removed using spray jet, solvent or generic washing agents. The product remains corrosion free for a long time depending upon the layer thickness and
concentration of the product. This can also be used for leak testing @ 10 % where it forms a rust protection film inside the equipment. It can also be used for spraying and forming a coating on the inside of the vessels where the concentration needs to be adjusted depending upon the storage life. The VCI action of the water based solution makes it suitable for spraying within hollow equipment such as water based solution, heat exchangers, reactors, storage tanks, pipes etc. The VCI fraction evaporates and reaches hard to reach surfaces where the direct water based solution spray cannot reach and protects the equipment from corrosion. All RUST-X rust preventive water based solutions are Barium & Heavy Metal Free.


  • Easy to use by spray, brush or dipping.
  • Provides long term protection in the open
  • Film stability upto 220 C.
  • Protects parts for up to 2 years
  • Free of solvent odours
  • Free of VOC’s, CFC’s and nitrites


Spraying, Dipping or Brushing may be chosen for forming an even layer on the part.

Typical Recommendation:

  • 10% for leak testing or interim protection
  • Directly to be used for steel bars, rebars, auto
    parts etc

In case this has to be used for exporting small components, the product should be dried off from water remnants by heating the part to 60-70C


Thin film coating for dry storage of

  • Machined Steel Components, Castings, Forgings
  • CR sheets, Pipes, tubes
  • Bearings, Gears
  • Transmission Components
  • Axles, Process Equipment