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We believe that ‘doing good’ goes beyond philanthropy and CSR. It is more than just random acts of kindness. ‘Doing good’ is a purpose, an attitude, and a way of life

Education and Special Education

With a vision to empower the rural education and enhance the education of these  sectors, our group has donated computers to a School in Aurangabad. We provides education support to children

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering Girl Child Through Digital Education

At Rust-X our community-centric initiatives emphasise the spread of quality education, healthcare and sustainable livelihood opportunities in all our operating locations in India . We empower girl child digital education , skill development of youth.

Rural Education Development

A conscious effort has been made to target the middle school level which has a dearth of resource and a significant representation of students, and a maximum school drop-out rate which is close to 50%. Nearly all of our Education interventions have been digitized.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting Technology & Accessibility – Digital Libraries

With a mission to promote digital eduction among the student our group has setup computer lab for the students where they can learn and enhance their skills for free.