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RUST-X Clear Coat

RUST-X Clear Coat Spray is a high gloss clear fast drying, flexible, protective, and insulating coating designed to protect metal, plastic, wood, concrete, glass, and other substrates from atmospheric corrosion, dust, and other common contaminants. Clearcoat is also transparent paint that goes over your base coat and protects it from damage and UV rays. It also gives a glossy finish that deepens the base color quality and lets you easily buff out small scratches




Many of the metallic parts, components, and finished machines produced by the manufacturing industries may have bare metal surfaces which require to be protected until brought into use, or receive interstate protection prior to further assembly or processing. They may be finished metallic parts, which need to receive some form of protection from corrosion during shipping
or storage, or they may require some form of protection from corrosion whilst in use.

RUST-X range of sprays provide rust prevention with highly effective corrosion protection properties protecting against elements such as moisture, salt water rust and other corrosive media.

RUST-X Clear Coat Spray is a fast drying, flexible, protective and insulating coating designed to protect metal, plastic, wood, concrete, glass and other
substrates from atmospheric corrosion, moisture, dust and other common contaminants. it is a high-gloss clear coat spray for the permanent sealing of coated surfaces. Especially developed for parts and repair refinishing. 

RUST-X Spray has a long-lasting resistance to weathering and to chemicals. it is very easy to polish. Clear Coat has a very smooth flow. It is especially used for larger surfaces (Bike & car parts).

  • Quick drying, glossy, clear/transparent, flexible coating
  • Forms a tough anti-corrosion, moisture proof, non-reactive protective coating.
  • Provides insulation film on surfaces to which applied.
  • Provides long term protection.
  • Free from ozone depleting substances
  • It restores dull surfaces of articles made of paper, wood, plastic, concrete and stone by imparting a clear, transparent glossy protective film.
  • It is used on battery terminals of Automobiles and as a glossy coating  or engine parts and under the hood components.
  • It is also commonly used to preserve and protect documents, drawings, maps, art and craft articles.
  • Most commonly used on printed circuit boards and certain electronic  components as a conformal coating for protection against moisture, dust, atmospheric corrosion and chemical fumes.
Physical Properties Test Method
Color Glossy Clear
Coating Thickness 2 coats > 30 microns
Drying Time min < 20
Surface Resistivity @ 20°C > 10 13Ω
Vol. Resistivity @ 20°C > 10 13 Ω.cm
Dielectric strength > 80 kV/mm
Serviceable Temperature °C -40 to 100
Tested on dry film after 2 coats 30-40μm

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