VCI Paper

RUSTX manufactures Super Laminated VCI Papers which have exceptional strength , tear resistance as well as puncture resistance. Volatile Chemicals coated on Natural Kraft Paper can provide protection of upto 10 years in packaged condition when is synergy with Rust-X oils.

Goods wrapped in or protected by RUST-X VCI paper are not impacted by corrosion. RUST-X papers, are very heavily impregnated with the inhibitors released from the protective paper. They have high burst factor to provide better abrasion resistance compared to plastics.


  • Economical to use
  • Dry protection
  • Easy to install protects upto 5 years
  • Specially developed for Iron & Aluminum, Cooper , Zinc , Chrome and all metals and non metals
  • Protects mostly all metal systems
  • Easy to use and only needs to be wrapped or placed along with the part to be protected
  • Can also interleaved within metal plates or sheets



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