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Mineral Cutting Oils

Water Soluble Coolants -WS50’s main function is to remove heat from the cutting tool, chip and work piece. The cutting oils are manufactured from highly refined Group 2 base oils that are low in Sulphur content. Group II base oils are defined as being more than 90 percent saturates, less than 0.03 percent sulfur and with a viscosity index of 80 to 120. They are often manufactured by hydrocracking, which is a more complex process than what is used for Group I base oils.


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  • Rust prevention to the component from cutting oils and water after machining
  • Cutting efficiency 1.5 to 2 times compared to conventional oils
  • Longer tank life 6-9 months without fouling owing to world class biocides
  • Higher lubrication due to better quality oils
  • Low concentration of blend 1:20 to 1:40 m Operational up to 700 ppm of hard water
  • Fewest nicks and wear ability on tools
  • Lower operational temperatures.
Physical Properties               Values
Colour Milky white
Base Oil Group II
Viscosity @ 40° C before solution 52 cSt
Emulsion Test  Hard Water- No Oil and No Cream 700ppm
Water  by % (by weight) 0%
Corrosion – Number of pits and intensity of staining – NIL
Froth Test at 400ppm Hard Water – No
Cast Iron Corrosion Test Pass
Specfic gravity 0.88-0.96
Flash point 100 ° C
pH @ 5 % 8-9
Odour Slight`
Oil Content 30-40%

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