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VCI Liquid For Corrosion Protection 

Rustx VCI liquids are corrosion inhibitors that offer safe and effective protection to metals, metal parts and products against rust and corrosion. They come in the form of liquid as coatings or oils to prevent rusting of exposed and unpainted metals and metal components.

VCI liquids are top-performing VCI materials that are ideal for coating, fogging, or spraying ferrous, non-ferrous and multi-metal products or elements.

They are specially designed for multi-purpose applications, including metal processing lubricants, cleaning, closed systems, final rinsing, seasonal storage, and many others.

VCI Rust Preventive Oils are well suited for Inland transportation with short to long term storage. These oils are contact inhibitors which protect the metal from oxidation.

These can be of soft film, solvent based or solvent-less type. DE-watering, De-greasing odorless VCI Rust Preventive Oils are available in variety of graded with range of film thicknesses for different and use applications that match customer requirements.

What are applications of VCI Liquid?

  • Closed systems (boilers, tanks, piping)
  • Cleaning agent
  • Unpainted metal parts
  • Seasonal storage (snowmobiles, lawnmowers, recreational equipment)
  • Metal processing lubricants
  • Final rinse
  • Mothballing

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