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Neat Cutting Oils

Rust-X neat cutting oils provide the best cooling properties, rust preventive properties and lubrication to the metalworking. Ideal for light machining to heavy duty operations such as hobbing, cutting, grinding, honing, turning & drilling operations.



Physical Properties NC12 NC 32 NC 68 NC 100
Viscosity (cSt @40 oC) 12-15 32-36 68-75 100-110
Density 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9
Odour None None None None
Appearance Amber Amber Amber Amber
Flammability Low Low Low Low
Flash Point 190 220 220 220
Copper Corrosion
No Stain No Stain No Stain No Stain
Cats Iron Corrosion Test Pass Pass Pass Pass

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